EVANSVILLE REGION river of opportunities

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The Evansville Region is the launching pad for transformational ideas, fueling growth with an innovative and welcoming spirit.

We are a community of difference-makers who realize and support each other’s dreams. A sophisticated business base, world-class educational opportunities and a high quality of life make the Evansville Region a great place to start a business and build a life. Accelerate your next step with us.

close to where you are.

The Evansville Region’s strategic location along major transportation corridors and nearby several metropolitan areas makes getting to all that e has to offer easy! Whether you’re stopping by on your travels and want to enjoy our vibrant food, entertainment and recreation scenes or you’re making the Evansville Region your home (and we sure hope you do!) you’ll find vibrant communities whose leaders have leveraged our location to become a regional — and global — powerhouse for business, sports, culture and the arts.

The Evansville Region is where a tradition of success meets a genuine and driven focus on advancement. Powered by our strategic location, skilled workforce and diverse business community, entrepreneurs grow confidently and enjoy forward-thinking support. When you open a business here, you don’t work in a silo – you become a part of a growing, close-knit network (+ family) who wants you to win big. With our roots in advanced manufacturing and life sciences, the Evansville Region is where your next big idea becomes a reality.


When I moved back to the Evansville region from L.A., I was surprised how different Evansville was; the people, new developments and energy made me want to stay here.

— Jaimie Sheth, JD Sheth Foundation


As somebody who lives downtown, I’m able to live, work and stay entertained all within walking distance. Evansville and its people have been welcoming since the day I got here.

— Jeseph Meyers, Buffalo Native & Web Designer in Evansville


Driving a ball down the fairway requires striking it in the sweet spot. In terms of North American geography, Evansville sits in the “sweet spot” of the map – easily accessible from all directions.

— Kevin Limbach, Vice President of Operations, TaylorMade Golf Co.


Our business has been able to thrive due to many connections and contributions made by members of E-REP. This organization really sets us apart from other communities and sets us up for success. The more you are involved and take advantage of the programming offered, the more you gain from your membership.

— Lisa Slade, Founder & Owner, The Slade Companies


Evansville Regional Economic Partnership offers my business support through the connections, resources and marketing it does on my behalf. I have made many connections through my involvement as an ambassador which came through the resources E-REP offers.

— Teri Barnes, General Manager, Smith & Butterfield


The Evansville area is internationally known for its deep plastic industry roots. Its ideal logistic location and availability of a highly-skilled workforce with all the skill sets required for plastic manufacturing were a key factor contributing to our decision.

— Sharon Segev, COO, Polyram Group


The Evansville region is ideal for Alcoa Warrick Operations because of all the opportunities that the region has to offer: geographic advantage for our business, home to many of our employees and professional and charitable partnerships with area organizations.

— Shannon Frazer, Communications Specialist, Alcoa Warrick Operations


The competitive cost of doing business, the ability to recruit and retain talent from local and regional universities and the great working relationships we have forged with the local and state governments are some of the reasons why SS&C selected and continues to grow in Evansville.

— Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies

Global industry leaders, top-rated schools, sports and entertainment amenities, and a diverse arts and culture scene make the Evansville Region an ideal place to live, work and play. We are a region of thriving communities that aim to grow with our residents with high-paying jobs and a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve transformed ourselves into a regional leader, with the perfect balance of big city opportunities (without the crazy commute) and a small-town “everyone knows everyone” vibe. The result: the e region is a place where you can easily find your place, have a voice and can see the benefits of your input in real-time.