Welcome to the e region

We’re glad you’re here.

e is for everyone. It’s our motto.

What unites us, drives us! We want the Evansville region to feel like home to everyone. That’s why our community created an initiative called, E is for Everyone. Our “E” campaign spotlights the common threads that bind our community, and encourages each of us—no matter what our background or interests—to connect, contribute and celebrate the Evansville Region.

Finding success here doesn’t require you to fit a mold. Whether you’ve just moved here or are a lifelong resident, e has something for you! And we’re excited to learn from you, too.

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Check out Visit Evansville for recommendations on where to stay, things to do and our neighborhoods. Loved what you saw and want to stay? (That was our motive all along!) Download our Newcomers’ Guide. Relocating to a new city can be daunting, but when you move to the Evansville Region, you automatically become a part of a close-knit network that is cheering you on! How’s that for a perk?