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Workforce & Talent

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E Region Education

The Evansville region is home to award-winning universities, seven colleges, the third largest public-school corporation in Indiana, Career & Tech opportunities, and the #10 Best Charter School in the Nation! View our region’s universities, programs producing the greatest number of graduates, and more.


The competitive cost of doing business, the ability to recruit and retain talent from local and regional universities and the great working relationships we have forged with the local and state governments are some of the reasons why SS&C selected and continues to grow in Evansville.

— Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies

Post-Secondary Education

Within a 60-mile radius of Evansville

  • University of Southern Indiana  1,965 graduates
  • Vincennes University   1,920 graduates
  • Ivy Tech Community College Evansville
  • Owensboro Community and Technical College  607
  • University of Evansville  553
  • Madisonville Community College  416
  • Oakland City University  274

Over 25K Commute Here Each Day

It’s easy to see why thousands pour into the Evansville region each day to work. Our jobs are plentiful, our location sits conveniently near major interstates and highways and our commitment to long-term workforce training is second to none.

Labor Force

The Greater Evansville MSA (metropolitan statistical area) has a strong manufacturing heritage and a history of supplying a workforce to meet diverse advanced manufacturing industries including  plastics, automotive, pharmaceutical.