About E-REP

For the good of all.

The Evansville Region thinks regionally — and acts regionally.

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership exemplifies that commitment. Launched in 2021 following the combination of three like-minded legacy organizations in the business and growth space, E-REP promotes regional economic development and vitality. We are here to drive the region’s economic growth, attract a high-wage and high-skilled workforce and elevate quality of life.

Sounds bold? It’s
because we think


Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic and strong Evansville Region for all, through offering unparalleled support to our business community and the vibrant leaders who are driving our transformation and success.

We have a strong vision for the future growth and prosperity of Southwest Indiana – and we are up to the challenge of competing for talent and opportunity amid an ever-changing environment. We advance the interests of businesses, from our large advanced manufacturing bases to our health, financial and tech sectors, and small business owners. We elevate our community and provide inclusive life-changing opportunities with a focus on the people who make the Evansville Region the place to be!

E-REP leads on …

Business Growth and Retention

We live and breathe the business cycle at E-REP to attract new investment to the Evansville Region. And that’s just where our support begins in fueling your business success. Our Business Retention and Growth program offers effective, on-the-ground support to businesses and data-driven guidance on targeted growth opportunities. With our growth, E-REP thrives on remaining nimble and quick to adapt to evolving regional needs and priorities.

Community Development

Vibrant businesses come from vibrant communities. The Evansville Region is a welcoming ecosystem for talent because of our high livability and strong foundation for development and success. We advocate on behalf of community development programs that improve and expand our region’s infrastructure from industrial sites to broadband access.

Attraction of a Highly-Skilled Workforce

We are the Evansville Region’s biggest cheerleaders (and the e region has A LOT of cheerleaders.) We execute digitally enabled population growth strategies, promote our region’s strengths to grow our talent base, and provide tools and resources for regional employers to attract the workforce they need.

Regional Planning

A cohesive outlook takes planning and everyone coming together for the greater good of our region. At E-REP, we are proud to serve as the keeper of the Region’s strategic plan – a living and breathing roadmap for a greater EVV!

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