We believe in the Evansville Region’s future.

We are building a community where people can make a great life for themselves: a place that combines the comfort of home with a platform to shout to the world, where early career talent want to live and hang out on the weekends, where neighbors can find unique ways to contribute to the community, and where we can celebrate together what makes us look good and feel great.

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Between the life-long locals and our newest residents, there’s an abundance of compelling people, talents and perspectives.
We are a community looking to the future, and that is where Talent EVV comes in.

What is Talent EVV? It is our community’s pledge to growth and the bright future we envision for the Evansville Region. By committing to specific goals
in our community’s strategic plan, we can show our neighbors and future neighbors why E is the perfect place to call home.

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The Evansville Region is not what it used to be – it’s better. In the last five years, the Evansville Region has seen extensive development and revitalization, driven by its people. People who wanted more to do on the weekends, people who wanted their cultures represented and people who had big dreams and ideas. The Evansville Region has reimagined itself and is not done yet.

A few organizations have looked at how we stack up with our peers. Yes, we love our community, but are there opportunities to do better? The data says YES. If we can turn some key factors from down to up, the Evansville Region can have a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Not just for business, or for those who have called this region home for generations, but also for our newer residents; those whose talents and cultures are critical to enriching our lives and our region.

The community vision and strategies laid out in Talent EVV are the culmination of thoughtful planning. Talent EVV is built on the work of public and private business, elected officials, nonprofits, and like-minded organizations throughout the Evansville Region. Community organization including E-REP, Welborn Baptist Foundation, United Way of Southwestern Indiana, Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana and the Evansville Regional Business Committee have to aligned efforts to move Talent EVV goals forward.

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In December 2021, the Evansville Region was award $50 million to enable pieces of its TalentEVV plan.