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Talent EVV

Evansville Regional Indicators

In January of 2024 Talent EVV released its first ever Annual Report highlighting the progress, milestones, and success that the Evansville Region has experienced. This momentum would not be possible without the businesses, nonprofits, institutions, municipalities, and individuals that are making an impact on regional transformation every single day.

That transformation can be seen in the following report that outlines the regional data that we’ve been tracking since 2018. The purpose of this report and the data benchmarking process is to continually reflect on how the Evansville Region stacks up against peer and aspirational communities that are similar to us. You’ll find that as a region there’re 9 specific data points that we’re concerned with influencing. Each indicator is related to growing population, building a thriving workforce, living well, and residents having access to upward mobility.

A few noteworthy trends from the report are:

  • The rate of poverty in our region is decreasing more rapidly than many of our peer and aspirational communities
  • Our region is outperforming in the rate and percentage of the population attaining an associates degree
  • Health outcomes are still lagging the national average
  • Population growth is happening for our young adult demographic, but overall population growth is still flat
  • Since 2018 6 of the 9 indicators are trending in a positive direction

While there’s still work to be done the story is a positive one, and in 2023 more than $70 million was invested into the progress and transformation that you will see reflected. As a region when we share common goals we have the ability to drive regional impact and we hope that this report informs your work and provides you with information to advocate for the continued growth and transformation of our regional communities.

A few things to look for from Talent EVV in 2024 are:

  • Publishing leading indicators that reflect the state of each of the four focus areas (Population Growth, Thriving Workforce, Live Well, and Upward Mobility).
  • Continued awareness building that highlights the progress and investment that our region is experiencing.
  • Deeper community collaboration with the organizations and initiatives that are positively impacting our four focus areas.
  • Refreshed focus area strategies and best practices to ensure resource alignment is leading our region to the greatest transformation and growth possible.

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