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Talent Evv

Evansville Region Talent EVV Summit & Economic Development Indicators

On November 2 E-REP in partnership with businesses, community partners, civic leaders, and many other regional stakeholders came together for the first Talent EVV Summit.

The Summit highlighted:

  • Peer and aspirational communities that our region is benchmarking ourselves against
  • Four focus areas and five goals
  • Stakeholders across the region are thinking collaboratively, aligning resources, and making impact against the focus areas and goals

You may be wondering, “how do we stack up against other communities and regions like us?”. To better understand the answer to this question, we need to look back pre-pandemic. In 2018, stakeholders across our region were asking this same question, and engaged an economist group to help answer and bring clarity to this question. The economist helped to outline a group of 36 indicators that would be able to consistently measure and provide understanding for the four focus areas. These relevant, credible, and nationally measured indicators allowed for specific benchmarking with other regions that are similar in size and scope to ours. These indicators fall into four categories: demographics, economy, human capital, and social; which informed the four focus areas of Talent EVV: Population Growth, Thriving Workforce, Upward Mobility, and Live Well. Each focus area is being convened by a key regional stakeholder (Population Growth: E-REP, Thriving Workforce: Junior Achievement of Southwestern Indiana, Upward Mobility: United Way of Southwestern Indiana, and Live Well: Welborn Baptist Foundation) The data gathered by the economists indicated that our region has a lot of great assets, but has work to do as it relates to Quality of Place, flourishing economies, and thriving communities.

What you’ll find below is a snapshot of 2022 regional data that articulates how the Evansville Region stacks up, and even some information on what has happened since 2018. You will also find information regarding regional goals where you can see that we are making progress in some areas, but in others we aren’t.  Along with a visual representation you will also find an executive summary of what the data is telling us, and how to interpret it.

Talent EVV is our region’s strategic plan for a brighter future. We want to provide robust, relevant, and transparent data that can inform and guide strategic direction across the region. Recognizing that each county, city, and neighborhood are unique; data is the objective and tangible force that has and continues to drive decision making.

A few things to look for from Talent EVV in 2023 are:

  • A Roundtable Forum to discuss and answer questions about Talent EVV
  • Five unique Virtual Strategy Sessions that gives the “how” behind each focus area
  • Data Sharing
  • EVV Stories and Spotlights that highlight the champions of this region that are doing the work, are committed to regional change, and investing in impact!

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