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Landmark Economic Impact Study Reveals Unprecedented Growth in Evansville’s Health and Life Sciences Sector

Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) proudly shares the findings of the first-ever Economic Impact of the Stone Family Center for Health and Life Sciences, a multi-institutional collaborative Center that has become the focal point of progress in Evansville Region’s health and life sciences sector.

Key highlights from the study include:

  1. Fastest Growing Health and Life Sciences Sector: The study reveals that the Evansville Region boasts the fastest growing health and life sciences sector among peer markets (Chattanooga, TN; Greenville, SC; Kansas City, MO; Charlotte, NC). This rapid growth is a testament to the impact of initiatives like the Stone Family Center for Health and Life Sciences in propelling the region into a hub of innovation and excellence.
  1. $1 Billion Contribution to the Regional Economy: Between 2013 and 2022, the combined forces of healthcare, education, and technology within the health and life sciences sector have contributed nearly $1 billion to the regional economy. This economic impact underscores the significance of the sector in driving prosperity and development in the Evansville Region.
  1. Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Stone Family Center for Health and Life Sciences plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the health and life sciences sector. Currently, the center is educating approximately 500 graduate-level students who are poised to become leaders and innovators in healthcare, research, and technology sectors.
  1. Evansville’s Ascent to Statewide and National Leadership: The study foresees a bright future for the Evansville Region, positioning it as a statewide and national leader in child and adolescent psychiatry. The Stone Family Center’s commitment to excellence and collaboration is propelling the regional healthcare sector to new heights, ensuring its prominence on the state-wide and national stage.

E-REP believes that the Stone Family Center for Health and Life Sciences is a catalyst for positive change, not only in the Evansville Region but also in the broader landscape of healthcare and life sciences across the state and country. The center’s commitment to education, research, an innovation is setting the stage for a dynamic future where the Evansville Region plays a leading role in shaping the health and well-being of communities.

For additional information about the Economic Impact Study or the Stone Family Center for Health and Life Sciences, please contact Tyler Stock, Executive Director of Talent EVV at E-REP,, (812) 550-4313.