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CEO Letter

A message from E-REP CEO, Lloyd Winnecke

Lloyd Winnecke,

February brings with it the celebration of Black History Month, providing us with an opportunity to honor and recognize the significant contributions of the Black community to our shared history and culture. Be sure to check out how you can take part in Black History month activities within the Evansville Region on page 4 of this newsletter.

What’s happening at E-REP? I am delighted to share updates on the current initiatives underway at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) and offer a glimpse into the exciting prospects on our horizon. The E-REP team is working tirelessly on the READI 2.0 presentation, a venture that positions us to compete for $75 million from the state of Indiana. These funds, if secured, will fuel transformative quality-of-place projects that promise to redefine our regional landscape.

Our READI 2.0 projects and presentation are intricately framed around Talent EVV, the strategic plan for growth in the Evansville Region. Talent EVV is the compass guiding our efforts, emphasizing Population Growth, a Thriving Workforce, Upward Mobility and the overall well-being of our residents as focal points. We are excited to share that the 2023 Talent EVV Annual Report has just been released, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress made in these vital areas. The report serves as a testament to our region’s commitment to fostering sustainable development, economic resilience and a community that flourishes in all aspects of life.

In closing, I am grateful for the collaborative spirit that defines our community. Together, we look forward to realizing the potential that lies within our region and building a future that reflects the diversity, vibrancy and shared aspirations of each member of our community. Thank you for your ongoing support to build our region.

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