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CEO Letter

A message from CEO, Tara Barney

Tara Barney, E-REP CEO
Collective Voice of Business and Community

We at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership proudly serve the region as the collective voice of business and community leaders on the local, state and federal levels. Our policy positions reflect our members and proposals they believe will advance the growth and prosperity of our region. From upgraded infrastructure to talent attraction and the elevation of regional partnerships, E-REP focuses on positive outcomes for our community through proactive and strong relationships with the Southwest Indiana legislative delegation and a grassroots support of our membership. We advocate for public policies that facilitate business success and a welcoming ecosystem for talent.

For those keeping score year-to-year, these public policy priorities remain largely the same as the past few years. They are overarching issues that guide our long-term work. We have tweaked a few words here and there to reflect current needs, but the larger policies remain unchanged.

Here are our Public Policy Priorities for 2023.

Support swift completion of Interstate 69 in Indiana and across a new Ohio River bridge into Kentucky.

Support a regulatory environment and funding streams that enable the creation of economic development sites and the movement of people, products and information around our region and around the world; from increased broadband accessibility and capacity to expanded services at Evansville Regional Airport (EVV), to water and sewer piping and all the other investments that make the economy flow.

Support local and state efforts designed to grow our talent pool, enhance the skills of our workforce, and align our state’s talent base with the needs of employers in a system that values the spectrum of educational options from vocational education to professional degrees.

Support policies and projects designed to support regionally-driven plans to stimulate and leverage public and private investment to make our communities even more livable, attractive and vibrant.

Support policies and programs designed to improve the overall wellness of our workforce, including: reducing tobacco use, addressing the drug epidemic; ensuring access to affordable, high-quality physical and mental healthcare; supporting walkability initiatives; etc.

Keep the value of diversity, inclusion, and equity at the core of all of our efforts, embracing protections for vulnerable members of our community and working to eliminate legislation and regulations that have a more significant impact on minority populations.

To learn more about activity advocating for transformational growth in the Evansville Region,
visit the E-REP website.