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CEO Letter

A message from CEO, Tara Barney

Tara Barney, E-REP CEO

A River of Opportunity

It’s September which means E-REP’s 3rd Annual Meeting and Dinner is just weeks away! As one of the largest business gatherings in our region, this event holds great significance. It is with utmost confidence that we say: Your presence and that of your organization are integral parts of our ongoing success story. Join in as we celebrate successes of the past year and look ahead to a new year of exciting plans, projects and possibilities. One of our region’s greatest opportunities, the Ohio River, will be highlighted by this year’s Keynote Speaker, Anna Cawrse, Sasaki’s Principal in Charge for E-REP’s Ohio Riverfront Visioning and Strategic Plan.

Anna is a visionary landscape architect and co-director of Sasaki’s thriving Denver office. Her professional journey is one of inspiration, resilience and unwavering commitment to transforming the urban landscape into havens of natural beauty and communal harmony.

If you didn’t meet Anna at one of the riverfront visioning sessions this summer, there’s a chance you will in the years to come. She will be a common name in our community as she helps bring our region’s visionary riverfront plans to tangible reality. An advocate of embracing nature within urban cores, Anna crafts bespoke solutions that are perfectly attuned to the unique context of each locale. Her pursuit of innovation is unwavering; she constantly seeks fresh perspectives to weave the delicate threads between urban spaces and the natural world.
However, what truly sets Anna apart is her unyielding dedication to community involvement. In every endeavor, she fosters an inclusive approach that welcomes the voices of those who call these spaces home. With a keen ear to the pulse of both present and future needs, Anna’s designs mirror the aspirations of the communities they serve, fostering a legacy of shared dreams brought to life.

As we stand at the cusp of new horizons, Anna champions the transformative power of design rooted in community and sustainability. Her narrative is one of hope, reminding us that every corner of our region can flourish as vibrant, living testaments to nature’s embrace and human connection.