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CEO Letter

A message from E-REP CEO, Lloyd Winnecke

Lloyd Winnecke,

E-REP Incentive Programs Foster Economic Growth

Across the nation, cities are leveraging a variety of incentives to foster economic growth and cultivate vibrant communities. The Evansville Region is embracing this approach with tailored programs designed to attract top talent and remote workers. E-REP’s proactive incentive programs are significantly impacting population growth and talent attraction, echoing successes seen across the United States.

As CEO, I am privileged to witness our team strategically manage our talent attraction initiatives that are bringing new residents to our communities from every corner of the United States and transforming our region into a thriving hub.

  • Our Belong Here initiative provides a $6,000 cash offer to those who relocate to our region, fill a local job
    opening, obtain housing, and commit to stay in the region for two years.
  • Additionally, through the MakeMyMove program, qualified remote workers relocating to Vanderburgh
    County receive a $5,000 relocation package to assist with moving expenses, access to Cowork Evansville,
    local perks, and connections to local professional networks.

Our initiatives are bearing fruit. We are seeing an influx of skilled professionals and their families eager to join the communities in our region. This growth and positive trend enhances our workforce diversity, fosters innovation, and positions the Evansville Region as a competitive player on the national stage. See our 2024 success numbers below.

I am confident that our continued commitment to these incentive programs will sustain our momentum and secure a bright future for the Evansville region.

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2024 MakeMyMove Remote Worker Relocation Program (25 spots):

  • 17 movers secured – out of 25 spots (41 individuals total including households)
  • 15 additional movers in “accepted” status (the first 10 who secure housing in Vanderburgh County will be selected)
  • 297 program applicants in various stages of the pipeline

2024 Belong Here Relocation Program (15 spots):

  • 4 movers secured – out of 15 spots (have jobs at local companies and secured housing in region)
  • 4 additional movers secured jobs in the region and are actively looking for housing in Evansville
  • 70 program applicants in various stages of the pipeline