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CEO Letter

E-REP Guiding Principle: Advancing Regional Prosperity and Global Relevance

A message from Co-CEO’s Tara Barney and Greg Wathen
August 2, 2021

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) is in the business of supporting our regional economy: Our businesses, institutions and people who collectively contribute to our shared prosperity. Why? As we gain prosperity we increase our capacity to succeed in the global economy in which we compete for talent and business investment. As our new organization begins operations, we are taking a hard look at ways we best leverage our resources to provide added service and value. We are pleased to share some early “wins” with you:

We’ve established the Economic Development Professionals Council, a monthly roundtable that brings together local economic development professionals from throughout our region to build a network of experts, learn from each other and share capacity. These are the professionals delivering expertise every day to businesses and communities. Together with the E-REP team we are well-equipped to capture every opportunity for growth.

E-REP has also developed fresh regional marketing materials that highlights key industries and assets of the region and equips our partners with the resources they need to advance projects throughout the region. Additionally, we have added marketing automation to the region’s commercial sites and buildings database. Instead of each county manually entering sites and buildings as they become available from real estate partners, the database pulls from real estate listings daily, as well as auto updates, allowing all opportunities for new activity and development to be seen.

Speaking of automation, E-REP powers the Tri-State Manufacturers’ Alliance (TSMA) – an association of more than 100 businesses and many hundreds of professionals who represent the region’s dynamic manufacturing sector. TSMA works collaboratively to create a vibrant and attractive manufacturing environment in the Evansville region. TSMA events are hosted quarterly and offer best practice insights and a laser focus on what’s coming next in manufacturing. “Digital,” “Smart Factory,” and “Industry 4.0” are buzzwords on the manufacturing floor. What do they mean, and more importantly, how can these new practices be applied to your business? The August event, Revolutionizing Your Business, will feature Industry leaders from Toyota Motor North America, Inc. and Ceres Solutions Cooperative who will unpack some of the latest thinking in manufacturing.

For more information on the work of the Tri-State Manufacturing Alliance (TSMA), or to get more involved, go to our website at or contact us at 812-423-2020 and we will get you plugged in… because as we all know, we are #StrongerTogether.