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Newburgh Family hosts “We’re the Bomb Prom” Inclusive Prom

Castle senior Paige Talbert’s family wanted to celebrate her senior year with something special—an inclusive prom called the “We’re the Bomb Prom” at The Hope Gallery for dinner, dancing, karaoke and fun!

Paige is a neurodiverse artist, Castle senior and Team Member at Newburgh’s Hope Gallery. Paige has met LOTS of new Team Member friends, and over 25 of those friends are rallying behind Paige and the entire Hope Gallery community by dressing up Saturday night for a new experience: PROM. Saturday will be the first inclusive prom Paige and her friends have ever attended. Having “We’re the Bomb Prom” at The Hope Gallery offers special needs young people a familiar place to experience new things.

Co-Founder Jennifer Parker opened Newburgh’s Hope Gallery in 2021 to provide a safe place for young adults with special needs like autism to learn, work and interact in the community while building transferable lifelong skills. Team Members create mosaic and woven art and run the storefront. The Hope Gallery exclusively sells items created by artists with special needs.

For more information about “We’re the Bomb Prom” on Saturday, please contact Jenna Talbert @ 812 305 7776.

“We’re The Bomb Prom” is at Newburgh’s Hope Gallery at 512 W Main Street on Saturday, May 13th 6-9pm.