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Entrepreneur Spotlight on: Socket Shield

Innovation is alive in the Evansville Region! 🤓💡 Jessica Costello from our economic development team met with the entrepreneurs behind Socket Shield this week – here’s the scoop!

Socket Shield Safe Slide outlet covers are secure and child-resistant, yet easy to use on a daily basis. The patented design for its safe slide door fully covers outlets when not in use, keeping little fingers and objects out of harm’s reach. Designed to enhance your home’s décor, Socket Shield outlet covers are noticeable when you need them and disguised when you don’t. Their sleek appearance hides ugly outlets without additional visual distraction.

QUICK FACTS about this Tri-State-founded business:

1️⃣ Socket Shields are proudly made in the USA! This Tri-State-founded business also partners with two other local businesses in Encom Polymers & Service Tool and Plastics to come up with the finished product. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2️⃣ Socket Shield/Oliver Innovations is a family-built business. Brothers and owners, Alex and Oliver knew from a young age this specific product was possible. Austin had the vision for it in grade school!

3️⃣ Socket Shield officially launched in September and ALREADY are an Amazon Prime product! 🥳

Look for them on Shark Tank in the coming years!

Interested in this neat product? Check them out here: