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Meet Keregan Cole, E-REP’s New Membership Coordinator

Keregan Cole, born and raised in Olney, IL, completed her Bachelors in Marketing at the University of Southern Indiana in 2019. After graduation, she worked for the non-profit organization Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana for two and a half years. Keregan, resides in Mount Vernon, IN with her husband and two fur babies. In her free time, Keregan enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family!

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?
I look forward to helping people, making a difference, and building relationships with professionals and organizations in our community!

Why are you passionate about the Evansville Region?
I’m passionate about the Evansville region because it has opened a lot of endless opportunities for an individual from a small-town community where opportunities are limited. The easy accessibility to top tier schools, all the local small businesses and restaurants, employment opportunities, and health care made it an easy decision for me and my husband to call this place home.

What do you love about our EREP Members?
What I love most about our E-REP members is the sense of community. Each member is fully invested and passionate about expanding and bettering our community! You couldn’t ask for a better group of working professionals to work side by side with!

What sets Cowork Evansville apart from other coworking space?
Cowork Evansville provides that vibrant community atmosphere. When you are in the Cowork space you are welcomed by smiling faces and multiple opportunities to make connections with other entrepreneurs.

What should someone contact you for?
Feel free to contact me for membership needs and for all things Cowork Evansville.

Keregan Cole
Membership Coordinator
Evansville Regional
Economic Partnership