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Kaiser Aluminum Warrick announces largest investment in Warrick County history

Kaiser Aluminum has announced plans to expand operations at its Warrick Rolling Mill with a new $150 million dollar coating line. The new line will allow the plant to capture predicted market demand for aluminum packaging products.

The aluminum packaging market is predicted to grow between 5 to 7 percent annually for the next five or more years. The new coating line will allow Warrick to shift a larger portion of its production to support growing customer demand for our coated products used to produce food and beverage cans, lids, tabs, and ends.

At 665 feet in length, the new coating line will be bigger, faster and have more capabilities that the Rolling Mill’s current coating lines. It will incorporate both state of the art technology and key legacy systems developed over the plant’s almost 60 years of operation. It will be housed in a new 100,000- square-foot production bay. Construction is set to begin in April 2022.

The Warrick Rolling Mill was purchased on March 31, 2021, by Kaiser Aluminum with future growth in mind. The investment in this new coating line will make the plant a stronger, more stable, more resilient business that will be a mainstay of the community for many years to come.

According to an economic analysis by Ernst & Young, Kaiser Aluminum Warrick’s operations will contribute an estimated $328 million direct gross economic output to the Warrick County economy. The total direct, indirect and induced economic output in Warrick County is estimated to be over $1.57 billion. The total direct, indirect and induced economic output in the State of Indiana is estimated to be over $1.877 billion.

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