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Sunset Skatepark Designs Released – Construction Begins Fall 2022

At nearly 27,000 square feet, Evansville will be home to THE LARGEST and one of the most diverse skateparks in the state!

The City of Evansville Department of Parks and Recreation released finalized designs for Sunset Skatepark.

The new concept for the Riverfront park was developed by Hunger Skateparks and incorporates features requested during a March public input session. Updates include a refreshed design for the manual pad in the center of the rink, redesigned ledges to include out and ride-on options, an Amoeba Bowl and a reconfigured bike zone.

“We’re proud of our local skate community for leading this effort,” said Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “When completed, Evansville will be home to one of the largest and most diverse skateparks in our state.”

Hunger Skatepark designers added plans for rain gardens to mitigate stormwater runoff. The design team also ramped up appearances by pulling creative inspiration from the historic Mississippian culture that once thrived during 1000-1450 A.D. a few miles from the park’s location.

“Sunset Skatepark will be located between Mickey’s Kingdom and the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility Sunrise Pump Station,” said Deputy Mayor and interim Director of Parks & Recreation Department Steve Schaefer. “By this time next year, a section of our Riverfront will be completely transformed into a public space where residents can ride, play, relax and learn.”

Construction on the park will begin this fall. Follow along on the Sunset Skatepark Facebook page and