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YUM-e: Biscuit Belly

Biscuit Belly was started 3 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. The owners, Chad and Lauren, did some market research and found that Evansville Indiana fit their brand and customer base. There is a lot that makes this restaurant unique, but the biggest is that everything is made from scratch.  They make their own sauces that are unique to their brand, all while bringing a lot of different cultural flavors to their food. From that southern Kentucky influence all the way to Mexico, this food sends your pallet on a true journey.  A fan favorite is The Rockwell. Made with a homemade biscuit, buttermilk fried chicken, cheddar and goetta sausage gravy. The gravy may be some of the most flavorful gravy we have ever tried. The flavor of this gravy comes from Cincinnati, it’s very herbaceous and really gives you a true sense of comfort. The Loaded Breakfast Tots on the menu are not a traditional tot and will blow your socks off. They come from the kitchen leftovers, made from sausage, bacon fat, cheddar and eggs. The tots are then dropped into a vat of oil to create a crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside bitesize piece of goodness. We can’t forget to tell you about the sweet maple mayo sauce that is a must to dip those babies in. The sauce gives a little bit of sweet but not too much and it’s perfect for that salty, yum-e bite.

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Copy written by: Chellsie Parker | Video by: Ashley Riester