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Alcoa Warrick Operations

Alcoa Warrick Operations is a company that has been in business for 63 years and is involved in the production of primary aluminum using the Hall-Heroult smelting process. The company’s history dates back to 1886 when Charles Martin Hall founded the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, later know as Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). In 1957, construction began for Alcoa’s smelting operation in Newburgh, Indiana, which became Alcoa Warrick Operations in 1960. 

The company’s inspiration lies in the affordability and importance of aluminum in modern life, with its founder Cherles Martin Hall being a pioneer in the aluminum smelting process. 

One unique aspect of the company is that it operates the only primary aluminum smelter in Indiana and the largest operating smelter in the United States.  

Alcoa’s distinctiveness also comes from its purpose and values, which include turning raw potential into real progress, acting with integrity, operating with excellence, caring for people, and leading with courage.  

The company values the diversity and opportunities in the Southwest Indiana community and has a strong connection with its employees, with many multi-generation workers.  

Alcoa Warrick Operations prides itself on its long history in the region and its commitment to producing quality aluminum and providing a safe and welcoming workplace for its employees.  

Alcoa is currently looking to hire 50+ production employees. Find out more on their website, here: 

Carbon anodes seen here are used as part of the electrochemical process for smelting aluminum. Once the anodes are used up, they are lifted from the pots and all impurities are chipped away so the good remaining carbon can be recycled to make