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Audubon Metals

Audubon Metals is a company that specializes in providing metallurgically superior products and refining solutions for the die-casting and smelting industries. They are committed to being a global leader in reliability and sustainability, offering high-quality, infinitely recyclable products, unmatched customer service, and personalized business interactions. The company has been in business since 1996 and has grown from a single furnace operation to a multi-site, seven furnace operation, processing over half a billion pounds of non-ferrous recyclable metals annually. 

The company was founded as a joint venture between Koch Enterprises and David J. Joseph Company and initially focused on supplying molten metal. Over the years, they diversified into finished goods and products, and their growth was driven by the need for more environmentally conscious metal products. 

One unique aspect of Audubon Metals is its significant impact on sustainability. They supply metal to major motor vehicle manufacturers in the United States and are one of the largest recyclers of mixed non-ferrous metals in North America. 

Audubon Metals also stands out for its charitable contributions, strong community rapport, sustainable culture, and excellent benefits for its associates. They are actively involved in community initiatives and offer opportunities for career growth within the Koch Enterprises family of businesses. 

The region in which Audubon Metals operates is conducive for businesses due to its high-quality workforce, lower cost of living, and efficient transportation and logistics resources. The Henderson community, where the company is located, is known for its friendly and generous people. 

What makes Audubon Metals unique to the region is its combination of a heavy media separator and secondary smelter under one roof, along with an aluminum smelting process that has a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to primary smelting. 

One remarkable feature of the company is its ability to recycle end-of-life automobile components into finished products within a week and deliver them to customers for installation on new vehicles. Audubon Metals takes pride in contributing to a more sustainable planet through its business operations. 

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