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Gibbs Die Casting Corporation

Gibbs has marked 50 years of leadership in die casting, machining & assembly. From advanced engineering tools for lightweighting to multiple aluminum alloys or complex machining and assembly with advanced automation, Gibbs gets the job done. This unique combination of capabilities makes Gibbs a strategic partner.

  1. Every year, Gibbs uses over 40 million pounds of 100% recycled aluminum in making world-class castings for the automotive industry.
  2. Throughout their 6 facilities in Henderson, Gibbs has 27 casting presses, over 100 CNC machines, and 100+ working robots.
  3. Gibbs has been owned by Koch Enterprises, Inc for 55+ years.  KEI also owns 6 other businesses, mostly local to our region, totaling over 2,300 team members.
  4. The President & CEO Greg Risch spends anywhere between 4-5 hours on the production line every week to get to know the team members and understand their day-to-day.
  5. Bonus data point – Gibbs has no employees…but they do currently have 807 team members!  Two of them recently celebrated 50 years of service and 30% of them have been with the company for 25+ years!

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