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Gibbs is a company that specializes in manufacturing precision diecast, machined, and assembled products for the automotive industry. Founded in 1965 by Bob Gibbs, it was purchased by Koch Enterprises Inc. in 1969. Gibbs has grown into a premier automotive supplier through technology and innovation. It is headquartered in Henderson, Kentucky, and employs over 800 team members. 

One notable aspect of Gibbs is its unique expertise in both vertical and horizontal die-cast processes, offering flexibility to meet various customer needs at competitive prices. The company has been serving Tier One and OEM customers for over 50 years and provides critical components to major automotive companies such as GM, Stellantis, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and VW. 

What sets Gibbs apart beyond its products is its distinctive culture and commitment to safety: 

1. Close-Knit Culture: Gibbs fosters a close-knit culture of belonging, with initiatives like the Tri-State Women’s Network for women in manufacturing. Management, including the CEO, works shifts in the plant to understand processes and build relationships with team members. The company promotes continual skill-building and training opportunities, creating a sense of family among team members. 

2. Outstanding Safety Record: Gibbs boasts one of the best safety records in its industry, continually striving for improvements in safety each year. 

3. Heroic Actions: In early 2023, Gibbs team members demonstrated remarkable teamwork and quick thinking when a colleague suffered a heart attack at work. Three team members initiated CPR, while others followed life-saving processes, ultimately saving the team member’s life. 

These aspects of Gibbs, along with its high-quality automotive components, contribute to its success and reputation in the industry.