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Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation is a leading producer of semi-fabricated aluminum products. Manufacturers and major suppliers around the world look to Kaiser to deliver highly engineered solutions for their most demanding aerospace, packaging, automotive and industrial applications. Here are a few quick facts about the business! 

  1. With 44,000 hp, Kaiser Aluminum Warrick’s hot mill has enough horsepower to operate:

o an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine, or

o 100 semi-trucks, or

o a medium-sized cruise ship, or

o twice as many racecars as in the Indy 500, or

o 29 M1 tanks, or

o 38 Komatsu D565A Dozers (the largest bulldozers in production).

  1. Kaiser Aluminum Warrick is the largest single-point consumer of Magnesium in the world.
  2. Kaiser Aluminum Warrick’s Cold Mills produce enough sheets for 75,000 cans every minute. That’s more than a million cans every 15 minutes.
  3. Every job at Warrick Operations creates two additional jobs in the region with half of those being in Warrick County.

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