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Pioneer Plastics

There are lots of exciting things are going on at Pioneer Plastics.  We recently won several projects, including two very large ones with existing customers Pizza Hut and 7-11.  Pioneer will be adding new partners in the coming months as well, including the popular arts and crafts store Michaels.  We’re in the process of installing two new presses that will allow us to accommodate these new jobs and have already installed a new machine in our tool shop to more effectively maintain our equipment.  We are honored to be the trusted supplier for these partners and look forward to the growth that will come with these opportunities.

In September, we held our annual Charity Month.  Each day of the month has a different theme, such as hat day, 80s day, or pajama day, with Pioneer donating money for every person who participates in the day’s theme.  This year’s donations will go to a program that assists underserved students in the Webster County, KY school district by providing them with clothing, food, school supplies, etc.  This is one of many ways that we are making an effort to connect with our neighbors in the local community and surrounding region.