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Atlas® World Group Celebrates 75 Years Of Going New Places®

Atlas® and its subsidiaries celebrated 75 years of commitment to people, communities, and the moving industry at a ceremony held on Sept. 19.

Atlas® World Group, a global family of companies delivering leading transportation, moving, and storage services, marked 2023 as its 75th year in business with a celebratory event on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at the Atlas World Group headquarters in Evansville, Indiana.

Following Atlas® Van Lines’ founding in 1948, Atlas® relocated its headquarters to Evansville, Indiana, in 1959. Today, the company remains an asset to the city of Evansville and surrounding areas by creating jobs, supporting local non-profit organizations, and participating in important community events.

Speaking at the anniversary celebration in Evansville, Jack Griffin, Chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group, said “Atlas has seen its fair share of challenges, from the uncertainty in the 1970s and 1980s to today’s market insecurities. Our perseverance and outlook toward the future will keep us steady for the next 75 years and all the opportunities that come along the way.”

Atlas has also seen its share of successes throughout the years, including five major acquisitions since 2000 with Champion International Moving, Ltd., TopHAT Logistical Solutions™, and Progressive Transportation, LLC, in the past four years alone. Throughout its history, Atlas has been recognized for its technological innovation, sustainability, and business practices, as well as its philanthropic initiatives such as working with Habitat for Humanity®, aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ian partnering with Wounded Warrior Project® and the American Heart Association®, raising funds and awareness for Truckers Against Trafficking.

Atlas leaders attribute this success to a network of 400 Agents, countless customers, a global family of 700 employees and a strive to establish strategies to secure future success and longevity for years to come.

“I am honored to represent Atlas’ longest-standing Agent partnership,” said Tom Shetler, President of Shetler Moving & Storage, Inc.. “As we celebrate our parent company’s 75th anniversary, I’m reminded of the hard work and dedication shown by everyone on the Atlas team including those here in Evansville and everyone out in the field. Every box we’ve packed, every mile we’ve driven, and every family we’ve helped relocate has been a testament to our perseverance and commitment to our customers.” 

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