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Press Release

Evansville region organizes for READI Program application

Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) in partnership with the Southwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (SWIRDA) will apply for the state’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) program, an initiative which could result in up to $50 million in local funding. 

Announced in May by Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, READI is an initiative dedicating $500 million in state appropriations to promote strategic investments that will make Indiana a magnet for talent and economic growth.

The READI application process requires developing a strategic vision to embed within the Regional Development Plan (RDP). The Evansville Region has been working on its strategic plan called Talent 2025 over the past two years. If awarded, READI will act as one funding enabler for transformational projects and programs outlined in the Talent 2025 planning process. More information about Talent 2025 can be found here.

“These state funds could represent transformational investments into our local communities,” stated Greg Wathen, co-CEO of E-REP.  “We are confident in the partnership with SWIRDA and their ability to lead the application process for READI after the Regional Cities Partnership with them which transformed $42 million of Regional Cities funding into nearly $1 billion for the Evansville Region.

Regional investments are expected to attract a minimum 4:1 match of local public and private funding. Project ideas must be bold, accelerate regional growth and position Southwest Indiana to become a nationally recognized location for talent.

“The Evansville Region is committed to executing a world-class READI proposal that will continue to support the region and the state’s population growth plans,” said Tara Barney, co-CEO of E-REP. “Investments in quality of place, talent attraction and development are key to this critical growth.”

E-REP is sourcing additional information for READI projects and programs that meet both the goals of the READI initiative and Talent 2025 via an online form. The form allows project or program organizers to provide details about their concepts and share details about the projects or programs including the goals, partners, impact and funding breakdown.

Submitted projects and programs will be incorporated into a single cohesive regional Southwest Indiana strategy. The online project or program proposal form may be accessed, here. The deadline for Evansville Region proposals is July 16.

For questions related to READI projects and programs, please contact