DEI Toolkit

DEI Consulting Support

A DEI consultant can help you to conduct an assessment of your entire organization, lay out a diversity strategic plan, guide your change management strategy, and also mold the communication of your new plan.

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Inclusion and Beyond, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Inclusion and Beyond, Inc. is a training and consulting firm focusing on diversity and inclusion. The organization uses a framework designed by their founder, sociologist Maura Robinson. The Inclusion Revolution Is NowTM framework moves beyond simply working toward representation in a company and moves to pushing for organizational change at all levels of operation. 812-457-8423,

J.A.D.E. Consulting

Lori Sutton, Owner, and the J.A.D.E. Consulting team provide direct consultation, speaking engagements, and trainings to help you build a diversity and inclusion strategy, recognize untapped business potential and attract socially-conscious customers, clients, and employees.

Sebree Consulting

Lisa Barclay Sebree brings more than 27 years’ corporate experience in marketing and customer relationship building culminating in Operations, Analytics and Reporting Management.  As part of the leadership team, Lisa designed resource strategies for 40+ employees, crafted training and system end user adoption initiatives, project management and crisis management strategies in a regulated environment. Mark Sebree has been in the business of business development and economic development for the last 25 years. He’s passionate about creating business relationships between small and diverse businesses with corporate partners. He believes Supplier Diversity benefits the local economy by driving economic development and vitality. More jobs created leads to more opportunity and financially viable residents. Financially viable residents spend more money increasing the local tax base. Sebree Consulting is committed to help businesses achieve these goals.

Danyelle Granger

Danyelle Granger is an equity and inclusion thought leader with over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and managing diversity and inclusion strategies, including talent development programs, education and training, communication plans, and employee engagement initiatives.

As a speaker and facilitator, Danyelle helps individuals and groups translate diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts into actionable behaviors to improve leadership capability. She conducts workshops and presentations on topics such as cultural competence, strategy design, mitigating bias in decision-making, racial equity, psychological safety, and inclusive behaviors. Danyelle can be contacted via email at

BRIDGE (Building Respect & Integrity in Diverse Greater Evansville)

BRIDGE (Building Respect & Integrity in Diverse Greater Evansville) is a local community group that promotes anti-racism and understanding bias. Our team at BRIDGE is made up of volunteers who have a passion for promoting racial diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are not experts or certified DEI professionals; rather, we are volunteers committed to advancing our own learning and engaging in difficult conversations to promote racial equity. We have several presentations and activities we can facilitate free of charge for organizations or groups. We can also help connect organizations to additional resources to support DEI goals. Contact BRIDGE at