DEI Toolkit

Power of DEI Mentorship

Companies who implement a DEI mentoring program will: Promote awareness and break down unconscious biasesBuild community between employees who share aspects of identity and their allies. Create a more inclusive culture fostering diversity and belonging where employees feel connected and heard.

Does your company have a mentorship opton in place, including youth mentorship opportunities, internal mentorship opportunities, and reverse mentorship opportunities?

IF NO: Here are some resources to help explain how these programs are good for company culture.

How to get started:

Here is a list of organizations that are in the Evansville Region that can help you establish youth mentorship efforts:

Here is a list of companies with exemplary internal mentorship programs for inspiration:

Don’t think you have the capacity at your company to mentor your workforce? Take a look at these resources to outsource your mentorships:

Below are resources to reference in creating reverse mentorship programs for employees:

IF YES: Great, your company is on the right track. See how other companies are leveraging their mentorship programs: