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Indiana launches new child care grant initiative to help providers expand

Applications for Child Care Expansion Grant program now open.

The state is providing a new grant opportunity to expand child care access for the youngest Hoosiers, especially for families who live in underserved areas and have children in priority age groups where care is often the hardest to find.

Indiana’s new Child Care Expansion Grant program is a competitive state-funded grant initiative to support providers in growing or repositioning their capacity, with the ultimate goal of increasing the supply of available child care for children and families who often face the most hurdles in accessing care or are in the infant and toddler age group where significant access gaps exist. Providers can apply across two tracks: Existing Site Expansion or New Program Creation.

Existing Program Expansion: Offering up to $200K in funds per program to assist providers in updating existing facilities and operations to add or reposition seats to prioritize expanding enrollment for CCDF and On My Way Pre-K families.

New Program Creation: Offering up to $750K in funds per program to assist providers in establishing new child care programs in underserved areas.

Applications are now open and run through May 12, with providers submitting through the I-LEAD grant portal. An overview of the grant opportunity, including supporting resources and a link to the application, is available here.