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Talent EVV

Talent EVV Releases 2023 Annual Report: Showcasing Remarkable Progress and Investment in the Evansville Region

Aligning the Evansville Region for Impactful Growth and Transformation

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (January 25, 2024) – Talent EVV, the driving force behind advancing economic prosperity and quality of life in the Evansville Region, unveils its 2023 Annual Report. This comprehensive report is a testament to the significant progress and substantial investments made by the Evansville Region and its stakeholders to advance the goals of Talent EVV.

Regional goals highlighted in the 2023 Annual Report include:

  1. Population Growth
  2. New Jobs and Wage Growth
  3. Increasing Educational Attainment
  4. Reducing Poverty
  5. Improving Health Outcomes

The 2023 Annual Report highlights unprecedented alignment and collaboration within the Evansville Region. Through strategic partnerships and collective efforts, stakeholders have aligned resources, strategies, and initiatives to drive impactful progress toward Talent EVV’s goals. This collaboration positions our communities better than ever to make a lasting impact and transformation for both current and future residents.

“With thousands of young professionals, families, and individuals ready to make an impact, get engaged, innovate, and be advocates for the region, anything is possible. I look forward to the partnerships that will continue to be built across the region to advance the goals of Talent EVV and drive impact. As a region, we have never been positioned better to advance the quality of life and place for our current and future residents,” said Tyler Stock, Executive Director of Talent EVV at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership.

Celebrating the achievements outlined in the 2023 Annual Report, the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership maintains a steadfast commitment to fostering a thriving and resilient region through the strategic work of Talent EVV. The momentum gained through collaborative initiatives ensures that the Evansville Region is well-positioned to overcome challenges and continues to drive positive impact for all.

The complete 2023 Talent EVV Annual Report is available to view on the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership website:

For Further Information on the Talent EVV 2023 Annual Report, please contact: Tyler Stock, Executive Director of Talent EVV at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership – Email: Office: 812.421.1170.


About Talent EVV: Talent EVV is a catalyst for economic growth and improved quality of life in the Evansville Region, uniting stakeholders to advance shared goals related to population growth, job creation, educational attainment, poverty reduction, and health outcomes.

About the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) leads economic development efforts for the Evansville, Indiana region and elevates the overall quality of life through transformational projects, planning, advocacy, and business engagement. Additionally, E-REP supports the attraction, startup, and growth of regional businesses.