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Talent EVV

Talent EVV Virtual Session – Upward Mobility

This Talent EVV Upward Mobility Virtual Session was the final of 5 total virtual sessions where key regional partners shared and discussed regional benchmarking data specific to poverty reduction, and strategies that are being advanced to help families and individuals reach and maintain self-sufficiency. In addition to discussing critical data indicators this session featured insights and content that will help practitioners and regional stakeholders better understand barriers from moving out of poverty, regional resources at our disposal, and best practice approaches that are actively reshaping how the Evansville Region can create restoration for neighborhoods and communities. Attendees heard from those that are deeply entwined with reducing poverty, addressing employment, building social capital, and much more!

We recognize that there’s more great work happening across our region, and Talent EVV would love to highlight this work in partnership with YOU, an organization/service you are passionate about, or a regional company that’s taking a strategic stance on Place, People, and Storytelling. So, please reach out to tell us more!If you have questions or comments, please reach out directly to Executive Director of Talent EVV, Tyler Stock at ( or by phone (812-423-2020).