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The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra Bridges the Gap between Rock N’ Roll and Classical Music with Windborne’s the Music of Queen

The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra bridges the gap between rock n’ roll and classical music with Windborne’s The Music of Queen at the Victory Theatre on Saturday, April 2 at 7 p.m.

Windborne’s hottest Classic Rock Symphony show is The Music of Queen. Guest Conductor Brent Havens takes the podium to present The Music of Queen, a program scored to extend the listening experience of Queen’s exceptional tunes. Performed by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and amplified with a full rock band and vocals, this show captures Queen’s distinct sound while presenting some familiar and new musical colors.

The show has quickly garnered critical and fan acclaim. The band stays as close as possible to the original recordings and the orchestra is “wrapped” around that original sound. There are lots of vocals, lots of harmonic structure, and a perfect group to be accompanied by an orchestra. High energy, fun music, and the familiarity of the songs make the show a fun one both to play and to see. Music from the albums Classic Queen, A Night at The Opera, Sheer Heart Attack, Jazz, News of the World, A Kind of Magic, The Works, and many more are all featured in this show.

For an average fan, or someone who knows literally every song ever recorded by Queen, there’s something for everyone in this show. They dig deep to bring out some of the best (and sometimes forgotten) tunes that Queen and Freddie recorded over the years.

Brody Dolyniuk, a Vegas veteran handles the complex and difficult task of representing Freddie Mercury’s vocals. Brody handles the assignment comfortably and sounds amazing leading the band and orchestra through the selected song list. He is a gifted, self-taught musician, capable of playing several instruments, with a particular knack for capturing the voices and mannerisms of classic characters from music, TV, and movies.

With a longing to perform the music of the many rock bands that inspired him, Brody assembled Yellow Brick Road, unquestionably Las Vegas’ most successful classic rock band. Since 1997, YBR has been reshaping the casino entertainment scene by bringing a rock concert atmosphere to showrooms previously reserved for Top-40-style lounge acts. In 2007, Brody lent his vocal talents by singing several tracks on the mega-hit video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and has already done several more for the new Konami game Rock Revolution.

Brody joined Windborne Music in 2009 as vocalist for The Music of Queen show but has proven to be versatile enough to become the lead on their Rolling Stones, The Who, U2 shows (and is on-call stand-in for several others including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd). As a devout classic rock fan, Brody’s enthusiasm, vocal ability, and on-stage energy were the perfect fit for Windborne Music’s Symphony shows and continue to win over audiences around the globe.

Brent Havens is Berklee-trained arranger/conductor who has written music for orchestras, feature films, and virtually every kind of television. His TV work includes movies for networks such as ABC, CBS, and ABC Family, commercials, music for sports networks such as ESPN, and even cartoons. Havens has also worked with the Doobie Brothers and the Milwaukee Symphony, arranging, and conducting the combined group for Harley Davidson’s 100th Anniversary Birthday Party Finale attended by over 150,000 fans. He has worked with some of the world’s greatest orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic in London, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, the San Diego Symphony, and countless others.

Havens recently completed the score for the film “Quo Vadis”, a Premier Pictures remake of the 1956 gladiator film. Havens is the Arranger/Guest Conductor for all 21 of Windborne’s symphonic rock programs, including The Music of Queen, The Music of Led Zeppelin, The Music of David Bowie, The Music of Pink Floyd, The Music of Aretha: The Queen of Soul, and most recently, The Music of Def Leppard.

Concert Sponsors are Robert & Marianna Wright.

Purchase tickets at, call the EPO Box Office at (812) 425-5050, Ext 300, or purchase at the door two hours prior to the concert. Children and all full-time students are free (while available) and can receive a free ticket by calling the EPO Ticket Office or picking up at the door. $15 and $20 tickets are available for age 18-39 attendees with free membership to CLUB 18│39 on the EPO website. Discounted tickets are also available for seniors and military by calling the EPO Box Office.