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Welcome Bob Grewe E-REP’s New Director of Economic Development

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership team has been growing! One exciting addition to the team is the new Director of Economic Development, Bob Grewe. Under Jenna Richardt’s leadership, the team will attract and grow businesses, create, and retain jobs, and make our region a better place to live.

Here’s what Jenna Richardt had to say: “With Bob’s economic development background it was a very clear and easy decision that he was the right fit for not only E-REP but also our regional partners. Bob knows the Evansville Region well and we are looking forward to doing some great work that will elevate our proactive planning efforts as we move forward.”

Get To Know Bob:
Tell our readers what your new role with E-REP entails?

As the Director of Economic Development, my role is to serve as a collaborator across the key functions of E-REP. These core functions include business attraction alongside business retention and expansion efforts, while keeping current on economic development practices and policy for the region to remain current and competitive.

Could you tell us about yourself?
I was born in Evansville and grew up in Jasper. I received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs. I’ve worked in several different capacities in economic development ranging from local government, non-profit organizations to private sector consulting.  I’m also a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). I currently serve as the 2022 Chair of the Indiana Economic Development Association.

What do you love about the Evansville Region?
I’m excited about working in the Evansville Region because of the variety of economic development resources. From a strategic location along transportation routes and a diversified economy, to our higher education institutions, the region has an exceptional portfolio of economic development amenities. I look forward to pursuing efforts to leverage and effectively utilize these resources to increase the economic development capacity of the region. That said, a more important feature of the region is the people. Time and time again the “can do” mindset of residents and community leaders is evidenced by the volumes of good work and strategic investment of community resources. Last but certainly not least, I’m really excited about being part of the E-REP team. The energy, enthusiasm and capabilities of the team are outstanding.

What do you hope to accomplish in this role?
I hope to play a role in helping the Evansville Region grow to the next level. For the past five years, the region has been honing its edge by achieving meaningful accomplishments in housing, quality of life amenities, transportation, and similar initiatives. While we tend to be modest, it is imperative that we share and promote our accomplishments, as well as future plans, and effectively utilize these to help attract new investment and residents to the region.  We have a great story to tell and I sense it will resonate with talent looking for a community that is both comfortable and interesting AND provides meaningful employment and advancement opportunities.

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