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Work begins on expansion of Welborn Baptist Foundation Nature Playscape at Wesselman Woods

Frequent visitors to the Wesselman Woods (WW) trails or bike path along the edge of the WW property may have noticed construction taking place inside the gated area closest to the EVSC Soccer Complex. This construction marks the beginning of a brand-new addition to the Welborn Baptist Foundation Nature Playscape. Two acres of forest, outside of the 190-acres of protected nature preserve, will be added to the Nature Playscape. This additional land will be used to create additional trails, nature play areas, and a bird sanctuary.

The new construction will utilize felled trees from other areas in the city. Tree service companies are donating this wood from other projects happening throughout Evansville. Current visitors may see large tree trunks from these companies outside of the gated area of WW; none of these trees are from WW property. Because it is illegal to remove trees in the designated nature preserve boundary, none of our protected trees were disturbed. This new addition will ecologically enhance an area that was inundated with invasive species.

Other new additions to the Nature Playscape include a red bud tree tunnel, converting our former creek bed to a dry creek bed ecosystem, and other nature-based play features. These installations will promote more harmony with our human guests and local wildlife. The estimated time of completion is May 2022.

Throughout 2022, WW is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To keep up with this year’s events or learn more about how you can get involved with Wesselman Woods, visit