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E-REP is getting READY for READI and expanding its team

In December 2021, E-REP led an effort to secure $50 million in state funding through the Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) to enable the work of Talent 2025 and the transformational vision to become the talent and economic region of choice in the Midwest. So what’s next? 

E-REP is taking the next months to build a strong foundation for the successful execution of the READI program in the Evansville Region. This starts with working closely with the state of Indiana to understand the complexities surrounding this funding opportunity. Beginning in mid-January and over the next months, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) will outline with E-REP the compliance steps to receive the funding.

To further set the region up for success, E-REP is identifying additional team hires that will aid in aligning the work with our region’s gameplan, Talent 2025, and the necessary compliance requirements of READI.  E-REP is expanding its team with a VP of Talent and Inclusion to lead and grow Talent 2025 while overseeing the strategic execution of the READI initiative.  More information about this position can be found here.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

E-REP will distribute READI information via its website at  The READI page will be updated frequently with key announcements from both the state and region as they become available.  A more formal timeline and steps for inquiring about the Evansville Region’s READI funding will be posted at soon.

Interested potential project partners are encouraged to review the entire development plan to understand project goals and more about the Evansville Region’s population growth strategy.

Those interested are also encouraged to sign up for email updates, here.